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Archive for January, 2015

Sneak Peak at The 2015 PayProTec Conference

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What could be better than sunshine and 75 degree weather in the middle of winter? Throw in an inspirational conference with great speakers and cool giveaways, and you’ve got the perfect way to launch another year with PayProTec. We look forward to spending the second half of this week with 80 of our agents at [...]

Apple Pay Goes International: Goodbye Credit Cards?

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When Steve Jobs started Apple, his new twist on technology eventually transformed not only American culture, but the world. And this year, Apple is doing that again with Apple Pay. This new paying technology was launched last October. It already has over one million users in the United States alone—which is just the beginning. According [...]

Fingerprint Payments: The New Norm For 2015?

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Will 2015 be the year when mobile payment finally explodes? We were introduced to it in 2014 with technologies like Apple Pay and One Touch, but most consumers still prefer traditional methods of payment. With the huge security breaches of the past, buyers are often wary of handing out their credit card information. But what [...]