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Archive for June, 2015

Reflecting on Google I/O

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I am a technology lover. I spend several hours a week of my personal time keeping up on the most recent tech news. I am always trying to use new tools and constantly looking for ways that technology helps life and provides new business opportunities.  I have to admit that I am not just a lover [...]

What’s the Deal with Android Pay?

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On May 28, 2015 at Google’s I/O developer conference, the company unveiled its new, highly anticipated application: Android Pay. If your first thought was, “but I thought Google already had its mobile payment platform—wasn’t that exactly what they created with Google Wallet?” then you’re not alone. Google Wallet was launched on May 26, 2011. Although [...]

More on EMV

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In America, paying with credit or debit cards has become nearly ubiquitous, while cash and check payments are at all-time lows. Unfortunately, the United States leads the world in payment card fraud, even though we only makes up 23.5 percent of total transaction volume. Why is this the case? A significant portion of this disparity is [...]

How Today’s Technology Will Impact the Next 10 Years

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We are living in the midst of a technological revolution with new advances being made every day.  Looking back, it’s hard to imagine life without email or a smartphone. It makes you wonder how today’s developments will impact our society in the years to come. According to the Pew Research Center, in conjunction with Smithsonian [...]

No More Cash in the UK?

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It’s official. The people across the pond don’t really pay with cash anymore. For the first time ever, more people paid with non-cash payments in 2014, according to the Payments Council . Figures published on May 21 show that the number of cash payments made by consumers, businesses and financial organizations in the UK fell [...]

Payment Tec: Restaurant Ordering and Tipping Apps

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You may think there’s not much space for mobile in the restaurant industry, but think again. These days, everything is going mobile—including a customer’s ability to order food and drinks, pay their tab, and tip.  Depending on your style of restaurant, at least one of these features could significantly benefit customer experience. Apps provide the [...]