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Anticipating National Boss Day

National Boss Day GRAPHIC

You’d better hurry up! You still have a lot to do before October 16—National Boss Day. What, you weren’t aware? Fortunately, you still have two days to prepare.

Maybe your boss is…

  • The hardworking, servant leader
  • The young-and-still-learning entrepreneur
  • The old man who sits at his desk smoking a cigar, delegating all work
  • The cranky, self-centered overseer
  • Your older sister who still tells you what to do no matter how old you get
  • The outgoing, friends-with-everyone CEO
  • The shy, only professionally relational manager
  • The one who loves being bossy, constantly telling others what to do
  • The leader who tries to do it all himself, refusing to delegate
  • The one who never listens
  • The boss who never casts vision
  • The passionate inspirer

No matter what type of boss yours is—or whether you like him or not—you can find a way to make him feel appreciated on October 16.

Take time to remember a specific instance when you were proud of him. Think of at least one thing you appreciate about him as a person. For some, this will be difficult. But if you look hard enough you can always find at least one positive quality in someone.

Then, find a creative way to share your appreciation. It could be writing it in a giant card, on the white board in the break room, or (if you’re really daring) washable markers on his car windows. You could mention it in a speech to other employees, or to the board. Consider sending a gift with a note explaining why you appreciate him. If you really want to go all out, throw a party.

Why? Because everyone needs encouragement—even the boss. Even bad bosses. Not only will they get more courage to lead well from your encouragement, but their hearts may also be softened toward you. Who doesn’t want that?

October 16 is coming up fast, so start planning now!


Ashley Mazelin

Ashley Mazelin is graduate of Grace College, where she received a degree in journalism. She writes content for 212 Media Studios, Saltsha, and PayProTec, and enjoys helping small businesses learn, grow, and tell their stories.

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