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Apple Pay Goes International: Goodbye Credit Cards?

When Steve Jobs started Apple, his new twist on technology eventually transformed not only American culture, but the world. And this year, Apple is doing that again with Apple Pay.

This new paying technology was launched last October. It already has over one million users in the United States alone—which is just the beginning.

According to 9to5Mac, shutterstock_229132195Apple Pay is going international as early as March 2015, starting in Canada.  Sources say that Apple and its Canadian partners have begun to plan advertising materials for the March launch.

Apple has also posted job listings seeking people who can help launch service in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia. Expansion into the UK is expected to happen before 2016.

While some might argue that this technology will terminate the credit card, it is unlikely—at least not for several years. For one, it would require everyone to have an IPhone or smartphone that has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which simply isn’t possible at this point.

Second, it would require upgraded POS systems for every company, and new banking technology. The odds that the entire world will update their systems within the next several years are slim to none.

That being said, Apple Pay will change things—but it won’t change everything. Just as the credit card didn’t terminate cash but provided more options, Apple Pay will present customers with more opportunities.

Ashley Mazelin

Ashley Mazelin is graduate of Grace College, where she received a degree in journalism. She writes content for 212 Media Studios, Saltsha, and PayProTec, and enjoys helping small businesses learn, grow, and tell their stories.

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