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Attracting Customers Like You Do Dates

attract-customersTypically, on Fridays we post a blog highlighting one of our merchants’ business. But today, we announce the posting of our latest free infographic, Attracting Customers Like You Do Dates!

We’re just beginning our latest series of ebooks and infographics on attracting customers. We post a lot of material about payment processing on our blog, but what good does it do you unless you have shoppers walking through your doors to pay for your wares? Each ebook and infographic in this series is free to you. May you see an increase in revenue as you apply these techniques.

Many businesses rely on and expect word-of-mouth or price rates to be the attraction. But finding new customers is as important to growing your business as these can lead to an increase in your loyal consumers.

Attracting customers is similar to the world of dating. You have the natural progression of awareness (meeting), which leads to consideration (courting), which transitions to dating, and then concludes with a committed decision (marriage).

But just like dating, there are ways to attract and ways to repel. To see the visual process of attracting a customer like you would a date, download Attract Customers Like You Do Dates!

If you would like to have your business featured on our PayProTec blog, contact us here! We’d love to brag about you!

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Leilani Squires

The Director of Content at 212 Media Studios, Leilani Squires has several years’ experience in writing, editing, and publishing. She has a bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from Taylor University and a master’s degree in Communications from Regent University.

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