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Finish Strong: Ending 2014 with Purpose

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Every college semester ends with those dreaded final exams. After months of taking in new information, it’s time to show what you know. Final exams can be pretty intimidating—at least they were for me. (I can’t tell you how many times those multiple-choice questions gave me some serious trouble.) One thing my dad always said [...]

Is Christmas Giving Too Cliché for Your Business?

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Christmas—the time of year when everyone is feeling especially generous, and more effort is put forth to give. But is this becoming too expected and ultimately cliché? In my opinion, yes—but also, no. I think it’s great to give, no matter the season. However, the reason I say that Christmas giving is cliché is because [...]

How to Sell More Gift Cards

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Gift cards are one of my favorite presents to receive during the holidays. Even if I don’t know what I want, I do know where I like to shop. Getting some “cash” to spend at said retailers is always a win in my book. Gift cards can work to the advantage of the business. First, [...]

Black Friday: A Crash Course in Your Checkout Process

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Well, it’s here—Black Friday. (Cue music from Jaws soundtrack of Beethoven’s 5th…)   While great for business, it can be overwhelming for you and your staff. But instead of just surviving, view today as a crash course in identifying time wasters in your checkout process. For example, examine the following (these are taken from a [...]

How to Handle Returns

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Returns are as much a part of retail as price tags. There is no avoiding them, so your best bet is to be prepared. Returns may be easier for a brick-and-mortar than an online enterprise. Either way, ensure that your staff and company are set for returns by following these helpful tips: Create a clear [...]

Preparing for the Holidays

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The holidays—a joyful, magical time of year dedicated to family, gifts, and traditions. But if you’re a business owner, ’tis the season for an influx of products to be sold, returns to be made, and “holiday spirit” to be kept amidst the masses of shoppers. Those jingle bells are just around the corner, and it’s [...]