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Is Christmas Giving Too Cliché for Your Business?

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Christmas—the time of year when everyone is feeling especially generous, and more effort is put forth to give. But is this becoming too expected and ultimately cliché? In my opinion, yes—but also, no. I think it’s great to give, no matter the season. However, the reason I say that Christmas giving is cliché is because [...]

Wildman—Wildly Successful Because of Faith

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Destined for a life of wakeboarding and skiing in Florida, the last thing Josh Wildman wanted to do was work at the family laundry business. Everything was all set—he had a scholarship and was moving to the sunshine state with his wife. Then the unthinkable happened; he severely broke his leg. At the time, he [...]

Anticipating National Boss Day

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You’d better hurry up! You still have a lot to do before October 16—National Boss Day. What, you weren’t aware? Fortunately, you still have two days to prepare. Maybe your boss is… The hardworking, servant leader The young-and-still-learning entrepreneur The old man who sits at his desk smoking a cigar, delegating all work The cranky, [...]