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How Can I Prepare for NFC Technology?

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Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a way to wirelessly transfer information from compatible devices by simply placing them a few centimeters from each other. This new form of information transfer, popular in Asia and Europe, is quickly picking up in the United States. The benefits of NFC technology are great for the consumer and [...]

Where is the Payment Processing World Heading?

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As technology ever changes, and customers ebb and flow, so does the payment processing industry. Here are three notable trends happening right now. EMV Chip Technology. Six months from now, all credit cards will be EMV-chip activated. This means that payment technology is shifting. Now, instead of swiping a card, transactions will be conducted using [...]

How Does NFC Work?

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Here at PayProTec, we think mobile payments technology has incredible potential for the merchant and consumer. But as sleek as systems like Google Wallet and Apple Pay are, they would be worthless without the underlying technology that makes them tick. Near field communication (NFC) is a technology that allows the wireless sharing of small batches [...]