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Is Christmas Giving Too Cliché for Your Business?

Christmas—the time of year when everyone is feeling especially generous, and more effort is put forth to give. But is this becoming too expected and ultimately cliché? In my opinion, yes—but also, no.

I think it’s great to give, no matter the season. However, the reason I say that Christmas giving is cliché is because it’s often the only time of year some people are generous. Therefore, the reasoning behind it is typically, “Well, it’s that time of year, so we ought to.” And I’m not convinced that’s the right motive.

On the other hand, I say no—it’s not cliché, because giving is significant. There are always needs and plenty of reasons to be generous. Giving shows care and concern for your community, and for matters outside of yourself and your business.

From a marketing standpoint, it’s a great way to network and be seen as a resource. I say it’s not cliché because, honestly, can there ever be too much giving? Even if your motives are just because it’s “that time of year,” you will still help someone.

How can you extend your giving outside of the Christmas season? Sure, the holidays only come once a year, but generosity is something that can be done on a regular basis. How will you make giving a part of your everyday operations?

Bethany Alcock

At 212 Media Studios, Bethany Alcock has written press releases, video scripts, blogs, informational, and a wide variety of articles. She also edits articles, reports, blog posts, employee bios, and much more, according to client needs. Bethany is also a top-ranked blogger for both and

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