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Courthouse Coffee is Creamed; Café Mod is the New Black

Genuine coffee snoDSC_2126bs take their coffee black. Why? Because they can really taste the flavor of the particular roast or blend. Let’s face it: Good coffee is worth tasting.

CaféMod has taken over the old Courthouse Coffee by Carson’s to revamp the quality of the cup—and the atmosphere it’s sipped in.

Nick Deeter bought CaféMod North last May and added a location at the Old Leesburg Mill (for more info, click here). Last month he added CaféMod East, purchasing what was previously Courthouse Coffee.

“The place had been open for 14 years already. Some of the equipment was origDSC_2125inal and didn’t work right, and some places I’m pretty sure hadn’t been cleaned in 14 years, either,”Deeter said. “So, we just gutted it and shined it up. We have had people come in now and say ‘Wow, what all did you do in here? I used to come out every day for years, but I haven’t been here in the last two years.’A lot of the old customers are coming back again…and the lady who manages it for us managed Courthouse Coffee 12 years ago, so she is even seeing some of her original customers—that is kind of fun.”

Deeter said his main reason for purchasing CaféMod North and East was “to take the products we make at the Old Leesburg Mill to Warsaw. It is difficult to get our Warsaw customers to come to Leesburg, so I took Leesburg to Warsaw. We take fresh baked goods, deli sandwiches, homemade soups, and Big Boss BBQ pulled pork to each of the locations. We will also be taking fresh baked quiche each morning, too. I have already received numDSC_2122erous comments, from employees at other stores around us, like, ‘Thank God—you can only eat at Taco Bell so many times.’”

The Columbia-grown coffee is roasted locally and delivered the next day, making the beans a whole lot fresher than a huge corporation like Starbucks, who has to wait for its beans to be hauled across the country from Seattle.

Coffee isn’t the only reason people are being drawn to CaféMod. Another major draw at the East location is the rentable conference room. Warsaw doesn’t offer many options for meeting places unless you want to spend $150 on a hotel conference room. At CaféMod, business professionals can enjoy a good cup of Joe while utilizing the clean-cut meeting room.

The East location also offers open mic nights every other Friday, whicDSC_2121h often pack the place. Later hours appeal to the college crowd, providing students with a place to study or hang out when other shops are closed.

The CaféMod North location exhibits artwork from local artists on a four- to six-week rotation—much of which gets sold.

More is yet to come. “Starting in the spring, we are going to have collector car enthusiasts meet at the big parking lots out front and join us for coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls. We may even do something as archaic as have weekend newspapers for the car buffs to read,” Deeter said.

Deeter’s advice for small business owners: “The year before last, I won thDeetere ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. I had to look at how many businesses I have started—it was 11 at the time. The thing I have noticed with retail business (I have seen others that have failed) is that it takes about three years of losing money. So, not only do you need start-up cash, you need enough to get you through that first three years. If you don’t have that capital, then you shouldn’t start it because all you’re going to do is waste the money you do have. You can’t just say ‘Well,  this is a hobby of mine’or ‘a great idea,’ and expect it to take off. It takes at least three years for people to flock—even if it is a good idea. If it is a bad idea, they will never flock to it. It takes a lot of money, and there are always a million surprises—like alarm systems. But if you keep getting closer to breaking even, if you are two years into it and you are trending the right way, hang on.”

Ashley Mazelin

Ashley Mazelin is graduate of Grace College, where she received a degree in journalism. She writes content for 212 Media Studios, Saltsha, and PayProTec, and enjoys helping small businesses learn, grow, and tell their stories.

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