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Credit Cards Changed Everything

Can you imagine what life without a credit or debt card would be like? For one, you would have to carry the exact amount of cash and change you would need to buy anything. (My guess is everyone would carry huge wallets and purses to compensate. Men, you better get used to the man-purse!)

You could never make last-minute trips to the grocery store. And good luck if you forgot you were low on gas and needed to stop to refuel. No more add-ons or extra’s unless you planned ahead for them.

Paying would be slower as you counted each dollar and cent, then waited for the cashier to recount.

Pennies would still be worth keeping.

You would be best friends with the bank teller because of frequent trips to withdraw and deposit cash.

No more purchasing online.

Let’s face it—life would be drastically different without the ability to swipe.

Not only have credit and debit cards made payments faster, they have also given us a new understanding of money. We can have any amount in our bank instantly. We can pay for whatever we want, when we want it.

No more planning ahead or counting pennies to make a purchase.

What’s even crazier is the way it unites different cultures. Cards allow us to cross currencies to purchase anything we want via the internet.

The technology has fed into our fast-paced consumer world.  It has played a major role in the development of faster, better ways to maintain funds. It has connected people to banks, other cultures, other people, stores and more, in a way never possible before.

We don’t realize the impact credit and debt cards have on society because we are used to them. But the invention of this technology changed everything—forever.

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Ashley Mazelin

Ashley Mazelin is graduate of Grace College, where she received a degree in journalism. She writes content for 212 Media Studios, Saltsha, and PayProTec, and enjoys helping small businesses learn, grow, and tell their stories.

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