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Finish Strong: Ending 2014 with Purpose

Every college semester ends with those dreaded final exams. After months of taking in new information, it’s time to show what you know.

Final exams can be pretty intimidating—at least they were for me. (I can’t tell you how many times those multiple-choice questions gave me some serious trouble.) One thing my dad always said to me was to “finish strong.” In other words, do your best to end th110401-N-HC601-027e semester on a high note.

This sage advice applies well outside of college. It should be true of your business. As the new year approaches, finish strong. Do your best, and build confidence to face whatever is headed your way in the next chapter.

Celebrate the fact that your business sustained the previous year—especially the holiday season. Set progressive goals to achieve for the future. Evaluate your company’s positive aspects and how they can propel you forward.

Start fresh for the new year, but don’t forget about what you need to do to end 2014 well. How can you finish strong?

Bethany Alcock

At 212 Media Studios, Bethany Alcock has written press releases, video scripts, blogs, informational, and a wide variety of articles. She also edits articles, reports, blog posts, employee bios, and much more, according to client needs. Bethany is also a top-ranked blogger for both and

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