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Get Your Customers Using Mobile Payments

Mobile-PaymentsNow that you have mobile payment capabilities, how do you get your customers on board? They’ll no longer need credit/debit cards, cash, or checks—just a mobile device during the point-of-sale. But they may require some prodding to make mobile payment a habit. Check out these four ways to encourage them:

  1. Provide confidence.
    Customers are often wary of mobile payment because there is no hardcopy proof of purchase in receipt form. And they may worry about security breaches or phone hacking. These are myths! Mobile payment is safe and secure—and your job is to make the process familiar and easy. Build their trust in mobile payment, making it their new go-to. Put your customers’ minds at ease by assuring them their information will remain protected and confidential.
  2. Reward them.
    Credit cards often offer some type of incentive—free airline mileage, money for every dollar spent, or a percentage back on specific purchases. Rewarding your customer for using mobile payment options can encourage them. Perks could be similar to a rewards program, except without those annoying tags that bulk up your keychain. Instead, the rewards number can be automatically plugged into the transaction via mobile device. Also highlight the paybacks they receive from their credit card companies.
  3. Push convenience.
    Call attention to the convenience of mobile payment. No more carrying a purse, wallet, credit cards, or weeding through specialty rewards cards to make a purchase. Customers don’t even have to worry about finding an email linking them to a barcode with their rewards numbers. With mobile payment options, everything is located in one convenient place, not to mention how fast the process is. Accentuate the simplicity and see how many customers try it once, only to make it their preferred method.
  4. Emphasize accessibility.
    Customers don’t want to weed through confusing processes to make a payment. The benefit of mobile payment options is that they are typically easy to use and straightforward. Through such a user-friendly interface, this option will be less intimidating to customers, prompting them to give it a try.

Mobile payment is the future. If your business doesn’t offer it yet, consider checking it out to keep up with your competition and provide convenience for your customers. If you have questions about mobile payment options, speak to one of our representatives today!

Bethany Alcock

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