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How Can I stay on Top of Industry Trends?

Whether you’re a PayProTec professional or a merchant, it’s extremely important to stay on top of payments industry trends. But let’s be honest: Sometimes, the payments industry can seem dense and impenetrable. In part, it’s exactly because of its complicated nature that we need to be sure to keep up to date. If you work providing payment processing as a service, it’s critical to understand the products and systems you offer. And as a merchant, payment processing is a big factor in the quality of service you offer customers.

Through my time reporting on the payments industry, I’ve come to regard a few sources as especially consistent, timely, and accurate. If you’re looking to stay on top of industry trends, look no further than these seven sources and tools:


  • Business Insider  is well-known for offering consistent coverage of payments industry trends. While the website doesn’t devote a page to any single industry, payments news can usually be found in Business Insider’s Tech page.
  • The Wall Street Journal , much like Business Insider, is a reputable source of industry news. I can also personally recommend WSJ’s coverage of all other business-related trends, so feel free to follow it on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, minor news stories are locked behind a pay wall, although I have found a digital subscription well worth the price.
  • Payments Journal  is an online magazine devoted to payments industry news only. A daily or weekly look at its homepage’s featured stories will go a long way to keeping you on top of industry trends. If you’re looking for news on specific subjects, you can search the news by topics. Subscribe to the Payments Journal newsletter to get regular updates delivered to your inbox.


  • is where you’re reading this now, and is a great way to keep up with trends: If it’s important to the payments industry, we’re working hard to help you understand. While the above news sources are great, it can sometimes be time-consuming to filter through all their other stories to get to the payment processing ones. Our blog is convenient and on point, and can even be delivered straight to your inbox if you subscribe to our newsletter.
  • features news stories and even whitepapers on a wide array of payments industry topics. It’s normally updated only a few times a week, but has an excellent category system and library of whitepapers. I recommend perusing this blog’s homepage once per week, or even subscribing to its newsletter. 

Social media

  • Twitter is a slam dunk for staying on top of any trends, and the payments industry is no exception. I can recommend following us (@PayProTec), Mobile Payments Today (@MobilePayToday), and Payments News (@PaymentsNews). Lists are the most convenient, organized, and thorough way to use Twitter. Try creating your own list using the three suggested, all the major credit card companies, and more; or try following an already-created list such as Payments-Industry by Daren Pickering (@DarenPickering).
  • LinkedIn is my go-to social network for business/professional news. Try joining a group like Payment Systems Group  or Payment Industry Professionals Group . LinkedIn groups offer the benefit of professionals just like you offering their experience and insight about current trends.

Regular updates from a few of these sources will ensure that your payment processing knowledge is always current. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter for a big head start.

As a Content Specialist at 212 Media Studios, Ethan Sheckler enjoys writing tight, creative marketing copy. He is passionate about helping small business see great results from content marketing. He and his new wife Katie reside in Warsaw, Indiana.

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