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Increasing the Speed of Your Terminal and Decreasing Customer Wait Time

Our world is moving faster every day. Need an example? Cash. No one ever pays with cash anymore. Who has time to dig it out, hand it to the cashier, have it counted, and then wait for correct change—and make sure you actually get correct change? We all know how convenient credit cards are. But, sometimes even credit cards aren’t fast enough. 

If your customers have to awkwardly stand at the register for 30 to 45 seconds while your terminal processes the transaction, you’re taking too much time and hurting their buying experience.

So, what exactly causes that painful, awkward, eye-contact-less moment? It can be any number of things, from an outdated terminal to slow internet or a sluggish processor. 

Here are some things you can start doing today to ensure the quick and satisfactory customer experience you’re seeking.

  1. Call your internet provider. If you are still processing credit cards via dial-up or slow internet connections, it is time to upgrade. Believe us—the additional cost is going to be worth it for customer satisfaction.
  2. Update your terminal. If your terminal is old and ugly, you need to upgrade. Not only does it look outdated, it can take a long time to process. And think about it: People like to swipe their cards themselves. If someone has to hand you his card, it can make him uncomfortable. Make sure your new terminal allows the buyer to pay on his own for both comfort and the upcoming EMV change.
  3. Call PayProTec. Do you receive poor customer service from your current processing provider? Are you afraid they’ll charge you an arm and a leg to make changes to your equipment? Call us and let us take a look at what you are paying to see if we can lower your rate and get you more modern equipment. We can even help you accept Apple Pay.

If you are using outdated equipment or have slow internet, ask yourself why you haven’t made a change. People want to move quickly when paying. Customer experience is one of the biggest factors in driving return customers and creating a welcoming experience that people will love.

Dustin Hickle

Dustin graduated from Grace College in 2012. He is a social media expert and marketing strategist, who is excellent at juggling multiple roles for 212 Media Studios and PayProTec.

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