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An interview with Adam Ackerman – PayProTec ISO Director

IMG_0661     Why did you choose to use WhatsApp over other social media platforms to communicate with your team? I was looking for a simple way to communicate, motivate and create community among the partners I recruited. I found WhatsApp, which was purchased by some of the best developers in the U.S. last year (Facebook) and I saw this as a growing platform that is already amazing and will only benefit even more by the acquisition. What have you learned while using WhatsApp about interacting with others? Some like it and find it helpful, while others don’t as much. But this is just one way I choose to communicate, and for those who use it, it’s a great resource. How do you see social media being used to interact with PPT agents and merchants in the coming months, and years to come? Everyone has a smart phone with linked apps. I see social media playing a huge role in the way processors acquire merchants and the way we communicate with agents. Why make people come to us? We need to go to them, use what they are already using, and engage with them there. What do you like best about working with PayProTec? We are the #1 ISO Agent Program in the U.S., what isn’t to like? Matt and Marc are great industry leaders—likeable, honest and just overall great people, which is the main reason I like working for PPT. If you were to give PPT agents two or three pieces of advice, what would those be? We understand that hard work, constant support, and integrity are the key ingredients to a successful business relationship. Use our 24/7, even on the weekends, Agent ISO Support. Also, the industry is evolving, and that is being driven by global connectivity, new technology, and a digitally engaged customer (consumer and retailer). Agent partners must adjust their offerings and become solution providers, bringing more to the table then just the ability to accept payments. It’s pretty obvious that EMV and NFC are here for the long haul. What excites me are some of the solutions that leverage these technologies to make the purchasing experience easier, help businesses bring in more consumers, increase frequency of existing customers, and pushes payments to the back of the buying experience. Consumers want to buy, businesses want to sell, and payments should just happen. Connect with Adam on Twitter – @payproadam – on Facebook at and look for more ways very soon.

Nathan Manahan

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