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Meet Danny Schard

danny (1)What is your professional background?

I worked for a large ISO for about 10 years. Then after a few meetings with Marc  Beauchamp and Matt Hoskins, it was an easy decision. I share their vision and values, and wanted to be a part of this growing company.

What do you like best about what you do?

1. I work with the best team every day. Working remotely brings the challenge of staying connected internally, but my team makes it easy for me. I also enjoy working with our sales partners to help them achieve their goals.

2. I get to work with some of the most professional and respected partners in our industry.

3. Training a new partner and helping them get their first deal can be very rewarding. I think it motivates me just as much as it motivates them!

If you were to give PayProTec agents three pieces of advice, what would those be?

1. Follow up with your merchants. We all know how competitive our industry is, so it is very important to stay connected with our customers to maintain their business. This also gives you the opportunity to ask for referrals!

2. Be transparent with your customers so they can have a full understanding of everything.

3. Stay educated. Our industry is constantly evolving and opening up new opportunities. Subscribe to industry publications. Make sure you take advantage!

What do you look forward to most for PayProTec in the years to come?

I’m most excited about our program. This platform is light years ahead of other merchant perks programs out there today, and it’s only the beginning. There are tremendous revenue opportunities and new tools and enhancements being created that are incredible. If you haven’t educated yourself on and added it as a main selling point, do it now. Call me at 281-301-1086, or our team at 574-269-0792 so we can get you up to speed.

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