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Microsoft Payments to Compete with Apple Pay

With all the recent buzz about mobile payments technology like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Microsoft has been surprisingly quiet on the topic—until recently, that is. Microsoft has now applied for a money transmitter license under the name “Microsoft Payments, Inc.” In late March, Idaho had become the first state to grant approval.

Microsoft also recently announced host card emulation (HCE) support in Windows 10, which may allow devices to transfer credit card data without a secure element within a SIM card. HCE can be used together with NFC to enable mobile payments.

Apple, Google, and Samsung have all developed or acquired their own payment options. While Google Wallet is compatible on Windows phones, it requires a secure SIM card, which is no longer supported by U.S. carriers.

While Microsoft hasn’t announced any concrete plans to compete with these mobile payments juggernauts, its application for money transmitter license certainly suggests that it will. However, “Becoming a money service business gives [Microsoft] the flexibility to provide new, innovative cloud services to our customers but we do not have any product announcements at this time,” the company told Ars Technica. As Microsoft continues to focus more on services and less on software, we can expect mobile payments to at least be on the company’s list of potential developments.

Only time will definitely tell what Microsoft’s exact plans are, but you can be sure PayProTec will cover this story as it develops.

No matter the platform, Google, Apple, Samsung—or even potentially Microsoft— you can rest assured that PayProTec will make sure we have the solutions to guarantee you and your business can accept the most used forms of payment!

As a Content Specialist at 212 Media Studios, Ethan Sheckler enjoys writing tight, creative marketing copy. He is passionate about helping small business see great results from content marketing. He and his new wife Katie reside in Warsaw, Indiana.

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