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Our Services

We do a lot around here at PayProTec—more than most people know. Our reputation for credit card processing precedes us. But in fact, only scratches the surface of our capabilities and our services.

Our point of sale solutions make processing at brick and mortar locations convenient. We give you the ability to accept any major credit card, at any time, as well as most near field communication mobile payments, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

We also offer mobile processing services, with PhoneSwipe and PayAnywhere, allowing you to go to your customers instead of vice-versa.

Our processing crosses the borders of every type of industry.

We also keep track of your data, allowing you the ability to really analyze your sales trends and make informed business decisions based off of the transactional data available at your fingertips. As a bonus, we reward each merchant for every transacted dollar they process through our Saltsha rewards program.

Lastly, PayProtec offers exceptional technical and customer support in-house for any need our merchant may have.

As you can see, we do a lot around here. And we would love to talk to you about what we can do for you! Please send us a note today, or simply start a live chat with one of our Customer Relations Engineers standing by.

Ashley Mazelin

Ashley Mazelin is graduate of Grace College, where she received a degree in journalism. She writes content for 212 Media Studios, Saltsha, and PayProTec, and enjoys helping small businesses learn, grow, and tell their stories.

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