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Free ISO Registration Program (see below)

If you have a customer-focused commitment, an insatiable drive to be successful and are looking for an uncapped income opportunity for you and your family, we are here to help.

Sub Agent Recruiting Program

What does a partnership with PayProTec do for you?

.02 Dial Up cost and .015 IP Cost

Free Tablet POS System + $200 Bonus

No Free Equipment + $300 Bonus

13x Program (no cap on payout)

You decide how to price your merchants

$3,000 Signing Bonus

Free Equipment + $200 Bonus

$1,100 Upfront & Conversion Bonus

Lifetime & Transferable Residuals

Next Day Funding

No Setup or Annual Fees

Free POYNT + $300 Bonus

Free NCR Silver + $100 Spiff

Up to $400 in additional bonuses

We have the most innovative products to help you win new business!

The Poynt Smart Terminal is a future-proof device that accepts magnetic stripe, EMV (also known as chip cards), NFC, Bluetooth and QR code payment technologies. Now merchants can accept their customers’ favorite payment methods: Apple Pay, chip-and-pin, mobile apps, and whatever else the future brings.

The smart terminal is finally here, and merchants want it. When you become a PayProTec agent, you can offer it to your new and existing merchants for free. With this offer adding new merchants is a breeze.

The First and Only Free Placement Program for Poynt

Your merchants will love using Loan Hero because it will increase their average transaction amount and total sales. You'll love Loan Hero because it will provide with a new recurring revenue stream. PayProTec supplies you with training and marketing materials to help you make the most of this opportunity.

The Loan Hero platform has taken consumer financing to a whole new level. Instant approvals for all credit types built completely on the cloud. So no more faxing in applications to multiple lenders. Just simple and quick loan approvals and fast funding for your merchants. 

Lead with the Top Consumer Financing Platform

These are products that will transform your merchants' business and grow their revenue. Making you their hero for introducing these POS products to them.

The Best Point of Sale Options Your Merchants

Residuals on payments are wonderful. But what if you could create an additional revenue stream that makes your merchants stick to you? We have just that with our POS Placement Program.

We offer the best point of sale products on the market and we enable you to place most of them with your merchant for FREE. 

The best part is you don't have to be POS expert to sell these. We have a team of POS Gurus standing by to help you select and sell these products to your merchants.

And we have more programs to help you serve your customers and grow your revenue.

Take Your Business to the Next Level Become a Registered ISO

Plus we provide a customized merchant statement (with your name and logo on it), Risk and Underwriting services, Free Terminal Program, Tech Support and your own branded Agent Back Office.

Achieve a minimum sales goal for 90 days and we will sponsor your organization and pay the $10,000.00 in registration fees!

Payment Processing Technologies, LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

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