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Payment Tec: Restaurant Ordering and Tipping Apps

You may think there’s not much space for mobile in the restaurant industry, but think again. These days, everything is going mobile—including a customer’s ability to order food and drinks, pay their tab, and tip.  Depending on your style of restaurant, at least one of these features could significantly benefit customer experience. Apps provide the ability to seat and serve guests faster, meaning more income for you, and they ensure your wait staff is receiving the tips they deserve, making for a much happier staff.

One of the industry’s top apps for ordering is Olo (which, by the way, works with PayProTec’s equipment).  This digital app is used by hundreds of restaurants including Coldstone, Baskin Robins, Noodles and Company, Fazoli’s, Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries, and more. With the premise that no one should have to wait in line, Olo was created. By allowing customers to create an order and send it via text to the restaurant, frequent patrons no longer need to stand in line for their selections. Since the company’s birth in 2005, the services have expanded from simply ordering off the menu to now being able to pay for your meal, all within the app. Olo also provides suggested add-ons to encourage a higher price point for each order.

Another hot mobile app is the Cool Tip Calculator . This Android app allows patrons to accurately calculate restaurant tips and totals. If you’re dining in a group, the app has the ability to split the check evenly or unevenly—where each guest pays for exactly what they ordered. Tips can also be divided between guests and the user can choose to include the tip before or after taxes. Cool Tip Calculator features reference information to ensure the proper tip is given, and it will remember percentage preferences for the future.

Think these apps sound like something you need? Perhaps it’s time to talk to one of our representatives. PayProTec offers cutting edge processing services specifically designed for the restaurant industry. From local café to franchise branch, PayProTec has the solution for you.

Besides accepting every major debit and credit card, and Apple Pay, our mobile POS features include the ability to add tips to each transaction and the capabilities to link these transactions to a specific server, bartender, etc. This makes tip allocations easy and worry-free.  With state-of-the-art technology and outstanding customer service, our mission is to see your restaurant grow and succeed.

We at PayProTec want to work with you to help you find the best situation for you! We can customize apps to meet your exact needs.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help your restaurant step into the mobile world.


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