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Reflecting on Google I/O

I am a technology lover. I spend several hours a week of my personal time keeping up on the most recent tech news. I am always trying to use new tools and constantly looking for ways that technology helps life and provides new business opportunities. 

I have to admit that I am not just a lover of tech, but a full-fledged geek. I consider Google I/O (the developers’ conference of Google) and WWDC (Apple’s developers’ conference) holidays and look forward to hearing, dreaming, and envisioning how technology will continue to empower, enable, and enrich our lives. (I am also a lover of alliteration, but that’s for another post.)

A few weeks ago, Google took center stage in the tech world by letting us briefly see behind the curtain. They gave us a peek into how they are working to change the world with their software. I was not able to watch the keynote live (sometimes even the most committed geeks have to miss important tech holidays). But I later listened to the two-and-a-half-hour podcast of Leo Laporte at as he and his tech experts listed Google’s announcements and performed the tech pundit’s version of Mystery Science Theater. If you are interested to hearing, reading about, or seeing all of the new announcements by Google, here are a few places to check out:

Google Wallet was Apple Pay’s biggest competitor, however what made Apple Pay so successful was partnership with key retailers and financial institutions. Google is now following suit with it’s . 

Sometime in the near future—the date is still unknown—Google Wallet will become Android Pay. Google Wallet will still exist for peer to peer payments, but in all reality it is being replaced by a much more integrated and robust service under the new name Android Pay.  This is still Google’s peer-to-peer and rewards pay solution, but this switch will make the app more consumer-focused and easier to use. Android Pay also has a number of key partners to help facilitate its launch, including Target, McDonald’s, and Best Buy. Now, it doesn’t matter which device a customer has; patrons can walk into almost any place of business and pay with any phone. 

So what does this have to do with PayProTec? Everything. Our job is to facilitate payments with ease and security. No matter what happens in the world of mobile wallets, whether Apple Pay, Android Pay, or whatever some third party reveals as the monopoly player, PayProTec merchants will have the technology to accommodate any transaction. 

Our goal is to help every PayProTec merchant accept payments with ease, to create a positive, secure experience for customers. No matter what happens in the future with the NFC, we will provide the best way to accept payments. Everyone should feel like they can pay how they want, and it is PayProTec’s job to enable that. Right now, the hot topic is Apple Pay and Android Pay—and we’re ready for it.

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Nathan Manahan

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