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More on EMV

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In America, paying with credit or debit cards has become nearly ubiquitous, while cash and check payments are at all-time lows. Unfortunately, the United States leads the world in payment card fraud, even though we only makes up 23.5 percent of total transaction volume. Why is this the case? A significant portion of this disparity is [...]

8 Facts About EMV Chip Cards (part 2)

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Earlier this month we started a list of eight facts you should know about EMV cards. If you missed the first part, check it out here. If not, continue reading for the next four facts: EMV gives retailers access to big data. Mobile payments have made it much easier for stores to take advantage of [...]

8 Facts about EMV Chips (Part One)

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EMV, sometimes known as chip and PIN or IC credit, is a better, more secure alternative to the magnetic strip card. Here in America, EMV cards have been rare, but they’re standard in Europe. In fact, EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the original founders of the standard. But EMV cards will soon become [...]

Where is the Payment Processing World Heading?

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As technology ever changes, and customers ebb and flow, so does the payment processing industry. Here are three notable trends happening right now. EMV Chip Technology. Six months from now, all credit cards will be EMV-chip activated. This means that payment technology is shifting. Now, instead of swiping a card, transactions will be conducted using [...]