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Payment Tec: Restaurant Ordering and Tipping Apps

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You may think there’s not much space for mobile in the restaurant industry, but think again. These days, everything is going mobile—including a customer’s ability to order food and drinks, pay their tab, and tip.  Depending on your style of restaurant, at least one of these features could significantly benefit customer experience. Apps provide the [...]

Our Services

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We do a lot around here at PayProTec—more than most people know. Our reputation for credit card processing precedes us. But in fact, only scratches the surface of our capabilities and our services. Our point of sale solutions make processing at brick and mortar locations convenient. We give you the ability to accept any major [...]

Apple and Visa May Take Mobile Payments Industry by Storm

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Rumors are spreading that Apple and Visa may announce an alliance in anticipation of iPhone 6’s release this fall. Most industry commentators expect the new iPhone to incorporate near-field communication (NFC), which already allows many Android phones the ability to pay at NFC-ready payment terminals. Apple is also expected to release the software to take [...]

Isis Wallet Changes Name to Avoid Association With Militant Group 

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If you have heard the term “ISIS” recently, it has probably been in reference to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a group of radical Sunni militants who are attempting to take over Iraq and establish a caliphate spanning both Middle Eastern countries. Currently, ISIS controls land on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border, [...]

iOS Users Represent a Greater Opportunity to Mobile Commerce Industry

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According to a survey by The Yankee Group and compiled by Business Insider Intelligence, iOS users spend nearly double what Android users spend in similar mobile proximity transactions. What does that mean for companies that provide mobile payment processing? Well, iOS users represent a greater business opportunity. The survey found that iOS users’ transactions average [...]