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More on EMV

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In America, paying with credit or debit cards has become nearly ubiquitous, while cash and check payments are at all-time lows. Unfortunately, the United States leads the world in payment card fraud, even though we only makes up 23.5 percent of total transaction volume. Why is this the case? A significant portion of this disparity is [...]

When Fraud Hit Home

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Today, we are excited to have a guest post from Keith Sampson. Take a look at the great information he gives from his own experience with credit card fraud.  In my line of work, I am always explaining what PCI compliance is and helping our customers with it. I have taken the calls from upset [...]

Target CEO Steps Down Amid Recovery from 2013 Data Breach

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Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel, a 35-year veteran of the company, has stepped down from his position at the head of the company on May 5, marking the latest fallout from Target’s payment security breach last December. The move was unparalleled as a result of a payment data breach. CIO Beth Jacob resigned earlier this year, [...]

What You Need to Know About Credit Card Chips vs. Strips

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Generally, when people say someone has a magnetic personality, it’s a compliment. But for credit cards, that’s no longer the case. Though the U.S. uses magnetic strips on their credit cards, it may be time to give them a more robotic personality. China, England, Canada, and 127 other countries around the world use credit cards [...]

How Tokenization is Like Chuck E. Cheese’s

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Remember going to Chuck E. Cheese’s, where a kid can be a kid? Your parents would pay five or ten dollars on tokens to represent money, which you would use to pay to play a game like whack-a-mole. After the game, your token would be exchanged for tickets—which, if you were like me, you used [...]